05-08-13 11:21 Age: 6 yrs


Englishman, Ivan Hallworth, in three repeat orders over the last few weeks, has, with great enthusiasm, bought every single Paul Marston Bridge Book ever published. These I advertise whenever I sell The 35 Steps.

Sections of two emails he just sent as to his opinion about Introduction to Bridge and The 35 Steps are printed below. The latter is somewhat hilarious, like comparing a grain of salt to the great oceans of the world. All the same, it is, of course, very flattering.

“....I came across another person at the Wimbledon Bridge Club who has read Paul Marston's Introduction to Bridge Book  –  it’s so simple to follow and ultra clear....”

“....The brilliant thing about The 35 Steps is that the concept was there all the time. It’s just that you were the first person to do it and that counts for a lot. When I was finding you, I felt sure that it had been done already and was proven right! That you may capture and display it essentially all on one page is the great beauty of its elegance.

Many of the World's most historically important and critical at the time documents are just a single page ... e.g.
Declaration of Independence
Magna Carta
Apollo Moon Landing
Ending of WW2
Announcement of a future King ...”