12-03-09 11:03 Age: 10 yrs

Card Builds Bridge

Published in The Tablelander





LEGENDARY Oscar-winning Egyptian actor Omar Sharif introduced a young Helly Kemp to the international card game of bridge in London in the late 1960's.

Forty years later, Helly is still playing bridge from her home base at Tinaroo Park. And she is being feted by the Australian bridge community for a "cheat sheet" she has invented to help make learning bridge easier.

The Hitchcock fan calls her invention "The 35 Steps", a variation on the Hitchcock classic The 39 Steps.

"It's a full colour, single page, graphic 'Cheat sheet' with such a powerful visual impact that it not only allows a new player to comprehend the overall concept of contract bridge at first sight, but cuts the learning curve in half," Helly said.

"It's a big help for beginners and even intermediate players having a 'blonde' or 'senior' moment. Whoever is able to play comfortably with the contents of "The 35 Steps" would be welcomed at any bridge club."

Helly said the card had been well received nationally - it was on display at the Grand Slam Bridge Centre in Sydney and it had been featured in this month's Australian Bridge magazine.

Cairns Bridge Club president Ken Miller had described it as a "wonderful, ingenious bridge aid for beginners".

Helly launched a new 35 steps website only last week and she was chuffed to find out one of her first orders was from Australia's governing body, the Australian Bridge Federation."

It brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes," Helly said.

Helly will host a new beginners' course using "The 35 Steps" at her Lake Tinaroo "Cafe Bridge Club".

The course is free for members.For more information phone Helly on 4095 2130.